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What is EquiVision?

EquiVision is a new concept that combines vision enhancement training techniques with horseback riding.  Kathy Humphrey, vision therapist and certified occupational therapist assistant, and Maggie Keller, Executive Director at Lothlorien and PATH certified riding instructor formulated this idea after observing individuals with visual challenges improving on a consistent basis while horseback riding in visual enhancement therapy sessions.  They launched the EquiVision program in the summer of 2012 with noticeable results.  Presently, Lothlorien is the only therapeutic riding center in the area offering this speciality program.

The Human/Horse Connection

The three-dimensional movement of a horse cannot be replicated.  With that in mind, by combining the natural movement of the horse, along with specific vision exercises, visual skill problems can be addressd and, in most cases, improved upon on a consistent basis.  Riders also feel a sense of comfort around a horse, who will never judge or tease. Our horses help build confidence and are essential partners in the rider’s journey.

How can Vision Enhancement help?

Vision enhancement training can help improve many of the foundational skills necessary for efficient vision.  The EquiVision program at Lothlorien uses the added benefit of the horse’s natural movement patterns to promote better sensory feedback and organization of these foundational skills.

What happens during an EquiVision lesson?

Following personalized lesson plans created by Aurora Optometric Group’s vision therapist, Kathy Humphrey, specially trained instructors from Lothlorien ensure vision enhancement objectives are met.  The horse and equipment used is specifically chosen for each rider to enhance and facilitate the therapy process.  Horse and rider participate in games and activities that are engaging and fun while reaching their vision therapy goals.   

How to get started:

To begin the EquiVision program, participants are first evaluated by Dr. Richard O’Connor at the Aurora Optometric Group.  The pre and post assessment may be covered by your medical insurance provider (with the exception of Medicaid or other HMO’s not accepted at Aurora Optometric Group).  Please check with your insurance provider.

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